IPCM employs about full time 35 specialists of various skills.

In the DESIGN DEPARTMENT we are mainly working with diploma engineers from the various technical fields, like mechanical process engineering, mechanical engineering (including rural infrastructure, water supply waste water treatement, roads) electrical engineering, utilities, ship building and repairing, aircraft industry, architects and civil engineers, site erection specialists as well as specialised engineers for computer aided design works.

The employees in the field of CONSULTING DEPARTMENT are mainly economical engineers, economists, financial specialists, marketing experts.

The Managing Board

The IPCM Managing Board was established in 1991 at the same time with the reborn company. Its primary objective is to provide advice to IPCM's managers with respect to the company's strategic direction and to assist with selected business development activities. The current members of our Managing Board combine an outstanding depth and breadth of skills and experience that has already significantly contributed to IPCM's growth and success.