Since 1956 IPCM SA Bucharest has been providing consulting, management and design services to all levels of Romanian Industry and to a wide range of public and private companies. IPCM provides management consulting services to manufacturing, community services, maintenance, business and financial services, infrastructure and utilities in industries. Services include financial and economic analysis and efficiency improvement programs and asset, program and engineering management, architectural construction and utilities design at main and low level.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality management consulting services which lead to demonstrable and tangible results for our clients. IPCM is prepared to manage the implementation of its recommendations.

Our experience

We devise sustainable improvements in operational, regulatory, organisational, systems and processes, supplier and asset performance. Our team is very well qualified and all consultants have extensive industry or government experience.

IPCM's certifications

Our certifications and qualifications guarantee the high level of our services for all projects. Plese see a detailed list of IPCM's certifications.