IPCM (Engineering Institute for Machine Building Industry) was founded in 1956 as an institute of co-ordination, design and engineering for machining industries, extended to electronics and electrotechnics. Our company worked as General Contractor for the enterprises within the Romanian Industries until on 1989.

Starting on 1991 a reborn IPCM

The establishment of the new S.C. IPCM S.A. (based on the Romanian Comercial Code and market rules) was made by the Romanian Government Decision no. 701/10.10.1991 originating from the former IPCM. Till now we develop relationships with more than 200 different firms inside and outside of the country. When it was founded, IPCM was an abbreviation for "Institut de Proiectare pentru Constructii de Masini" which reflected the company's service focus at that time. Meanwhile many clients associate our logo with our name and still benefit from IPCM's regular application of industrial engineering principles, the company and its professional advisors.

IPCM today

Today, "IPCM SA Company" have it's own name and reputation, it employs full time staff and offers a comprehensive range of professional services to a significant number of public and private organisations and industry sectors as further detailed on this website.