SECTORS of IPCM activity

IPCM SA Bucharest has a large number of major industrial clients in almost all Romanian Industry Branches. Along its history, even in the recent time and today, we had managed and we continue to develop a lot of projects for:
  • automotive industry: Projects for the manufacture of the cars, off-road cars, buses, trolleybuses and minivans, trucks, tractors, automotive accessories and spare parts;
  • ship building: Projects for shipyards, ship repair facilities;
  • aircraft industry: Projects for the aviation manufacturing industry;
  • machinery parts: Projects for facilities of manufacturing of the bearings and assembly elements;
  • agriculture machinery: Projects for the manufacturing plants of the tractors and all kind of specific agricultural machinery;
  • public & civil works for local authorities: Projects for customs stations, blocks of flats, hotels, water supply, waste water treatment, county roads.